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Pediatric Dental Check-Ups & Cleanings | Dentist Burien & Kent

Soon after an infant is born, a physician or nurse practitioner thoroughly examines his or her body, including the mouth. Most of the time a baby's gums, tongue and soft palate are normally developed and ready for action. But sometimes there are harmless variations that may surprise some parents.

  • Epstein's pearls: These small, white, pearl-like spots appear on the roof of the mouth. These bumps are harmless and tend to disappear within a few weeks.

  • Inclusion cysts: These small bumps appear along the crest of the gum ridge. They are harmless.

  • Bohn's nodules: These small, whitish bumps or cysts look like Epstein's pearls. However, they develop on the sides of the gum ridge rather than the roof of the mouth.

  • Natal and neonatal teeth: Some infants are born with one or more teeth. They are called natal teeth. Some babies have teeth emerge into the mouth within the first 30 days of life. These are called neonatal teeth. Because these are primary (baby) teeth, not extra teeth, it is a good idea to keep them if possible. However, sometimes natal or neonatal teeth may have to be removed. Removal may be best if they are likely to come loose or if they interfere with feeding or significantly irritate the tongue or lip.

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